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ANM 1st yearbook: ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery) is a two-year nursing diploma program that trains students to work as both a nurse and a midwife. ANM is offered by various universities, and as a result, you will receive several opportunities. This course is highly well-known and has a high market value in the health industry. The basics of nursing and midwifery are covered in detail in this well-designed course. 

If you follow the book carefully and persistently, it will help you become a better nurse and midwife. The anm health promotion question paper is the most crucial part when you prepare for ANM 1st year. A minimum cumulative grade of 50% in the class 12th board with any applicable board is required to pursue an ANM.

Curriculum for ANM 1st year book:

The curriculum supplied by the Indian Nursing Council (INC), is the same as the ANM 1st Year curriculum. In all, there are four courses this year, each of which has nine components, including one on nutrition, environmental sanitation, mental health, first aid and referral, infectious diseases, etc. There are many a.n.m 1st-year book in Hindi available on the internet.

ANM first-year students conduct a lot of surveys, go home, and learn how to manage records, copy, etc. during their study term. Notes are a critical part of any preparation and a.n.m 1st-year notes can be easily accessible from the internet.

ANM Nursing Subjects:

Candidates learn the skills necessary to work as a community health nurse in the course chapter on community health nursing:

Child Health Nursing – Candidates acquire information and skills about caring for and treating children’s health throughout the child health nursing phase.

Midwifery – Candidates study how to care for women during their pregnancies, deliveries, and postpartum periods in the midwifery chapter.

Primary Health Care Nursing – The Primary Health Care Nursing phase entails providing the students with skilled care that aids in sickness prevention, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and manages complicated emergent health conditions.

Community Health and Healthcare Management – Candidates study the administration of healthcare facilities and its intricate processes in the community health and healthcare management chapter.

Child Health Nursing anm 1st year:

The goal of this book is to help ANMs comprehend child health nursing. It can develop into a valuable resource for learning about the child’s medical needs. Child healthcare is the most important and challenging field of research in medicine. It offers a superior method for developing comprehension and practical knowledge. The

Child Health Nursing in 1st year is written in Hindi. Therefore, it provides a benefit that enables a reader who does not speak English.

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